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Being a pure “old school” artist (pencil first, pixel after), I never believed I am able to learn how to work with the Adobe comprehensive video software. The two words – After Effects – attracted me since some time and one day I have found myself in the situation when I had to learn AE quickly to be able to work with my external supplier’s files. 
During a one day AE basics course with Ruben I have really learned a lot! For my very beginner’s level – from zero to almost hero. Key points why. 1. Ruben is very attentive to a person’s background, he asks many questions about one’s job specific, favorite software, methods of work, creative techniques etc – and after it, he comes up with a tailored approach so the person gets the absolute maximum from the course. 2. Ruben gives a student a total and absolute freedom to choose the course speed and direction – according to individual needs. We shortened a lunch break during my course in order for me to learn more. Such flexibility is rare but very much appreciated! 3. Ruben does not give a ready solution – he forces a student to find and try different ways of task’s solving – that allows learning much more than if one would just be given with a solution. And the main outcome of my experience with Ruben as a Teacher – he inspires, he provokes you to try things, to explore them deeper and further, to learn from good examples! That’s what I am doing every day now, after getting such a great creative “kick” with Ruben! Thanks!
Lily Alieva
Senior Creative Marketing Manager
Kelly Services Inc.

For many years I have worked as a documentary film editor. Lately I have been getting more work using FCP 7 than Avid. However, when I got the job to edit the documentary film “Dark Star: H. R. Giger’s World”, I needed quick training in the latest version of Avid Media Composer. Rubén was perfect as an instructor and as technical supporter. He is so well versed in both programs, that very quickly I was able to profit from the training. His unbelievable calm demeanor and focused manner is splendid. In the finishing stage I suddenly needed intensive support, and Rubén jumped into the task immediately. That was an unbelievably important and excellent support for me and the project itself. Thank you very much!

Birgit Munsch-Klein
Dark Star: H. R. Giger’s World

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