Our principal instructor, Rubén Abruña, has more than 20 years of professional experience in the post-production industry and in the educational arena. He has edited numerous documentaries, commercials, promos, educational  and dramatic films. He has also taught at the University-level and in training centers around the world. He knows which workflow works best for each type of project.

The editor is primarily a storyteller but must also have a technical knowledge of  the craft, an aesthetic or artistic eye, and a sensible approach to the politics of the editing room. With years of experience as an editor, Rubén can advise you on storytelling editorial techniques, based on the classical Aristotelian dramatic structure, to ensure a compelling story.

He knows how to teach which buttons to press to make things happen, but he also knows that editing is storytelling. From Kuleshov to Murch, Rubén knows the theory, aesthetics, and practice of editing and storytelling.

Rubén teaching